BLU Studios - Glyfa

The complex BLU is a Family operated complex, situated in a privileged location in Glyfa. Certainly located within just a 5 minute walk away from Glyfa town center, whilst situated ideally on a little quiet spot away from the bustling crowds and noise of the village. It is top choice for accommodation as the guests enjoy a wonderful location right in front of the beach.

Surrender to a relaxing environment that reflects your own sense of style and relaxation.

Enjoy the wonderful view of the sea from your balcony and don't forget that we are always there to help you. Just let us know. BLU studios is the ideal choice for someone who wants to relax in Glyfa.


Welcome to BLU

Paraskevioti Panagiota, Glyfa Fthiotida, Greece
phone: +30 22380 61245, +30 22380 61245, +30 69729 27976
fax: +30 22380 61245, email:
winter phone: +30 22310 35961, +30 69729 27976